If your company spends a significant amount of money — $1 million or more — on services each year, a services procurement solution would probably be of benefit to you.
You can save money, save time, and monitor and control your company's spending all on a web-based application.
Either. The application can reside on your own servers, behind a firewall, or it can be hosted and maintained by the provider.
A fraction of what you’d expect. An on-demand service is generally priced as a transaction fee that usually starts at less than 1 percent, meaning you can manage millions in procurement spending for just a few thousand dollars a month. And licensing and servicing an enterprise, on-site installation starts at less than $100,000.
If it’s being hosted by the provider, just a few days. An on-site installation usually takes between six and 12 weeks.
Yes! It supports both single- and double-byte characters, making it suitable for international application. It also has full currency conversion capabilities. You can establish divisions, corporate entities, and geographical affiliates with a preferred or "dominant" currency. You can negotiate requisitions in all major currencies, and then invoiced in your preferred currency. And global reporting pooled into a single currency gives you an enterprise-wide view of your services spending.
Most supplier-based tools are focused only on service categories for that particular business. Customers who wish to add additional service categories in the future will have to implement multiple solutions, adding to overall costs. A solution that addresses the broadest range of service categories allows you to pick one provider and stick with it. As well, there are “supplier-funded" pricing models that are of no cost to you. Pricing can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
It allows you to monitor and control your company’s spending and saves you time and money. It also makes it easy to buy, sell and manage services.
A services procurement solution helps companies save time and money by simplifying the purchasing of services. It allows you to streamline and automate your services procurement process, eliminate paperwork and get real-time information.