Building Relations that Last

Covendis has worked with numerous companies and agencies over the past few years throughout various states but has never forgotten the value of building lasting relationships. 

"For over twenty years, I have worked in the staffing industry.  I have supported clients in many different verticals (government, telecom, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, web services, utilities, and airlines) with their staffing/hiring needs.  Truly none are unique in what they need - they need talented individuals to join their teams to help business grow. Sounds easy right?  Well, not so fast.  While the need is not unique, the process to get there is unique - and the ease depends totally on the program/tool that is chosen to manage the process. And when I am asked (and I am asked often) what program/tool I suggest - I always suggest Covendis.

Covendis is more than just a vendor management tool - it is a vendor neutral, intuitive program that works seamlessly throughout the hiring process and beyond.  From the moment you put in a new job to the report that you need to run for monthly invoicing ... Covendis can manage the entire process in their tool so you can spend your time on other important projects.  

My name is Barbee Taylor and I am a Regional Director for an international staffing company, Calance.  I am very fortunate to be a valued supplier-partner with Covendis for over ten years in multiple client programs.  My team and I have been very successful working with Covendis to support their clients nationally because we appreciate and respect the due diligence and commitment that Covendis builds in each of their client programs.  Many other programs/tools (I have used them all) are seen as "black holes" to staffing companies and therefore don't get solid results; however, I can absolutely share that we have never been disappointed in a Covendis client program and my team never refers to them as "black holes" fact, my team works harder for Covendis programs because they know that through the Covendis program, they will be successful.

Covendis knows that hiring talented team members is tough.  With the internet, linkedin, job boards, e-networking ... it may seem like it is a more transparent job market, but actually it is quite the opposite.  Companies get more resumes than before and in that stack of 300 resumes for one job find one resume .... in the right amount of time, is almost impossible. That is why Covendis is so valuable - working with them we know that their clients have "real" positions and the client managers can watch the progress step by step to get their jobs filled. How much better can that be!

Calance values our partnership with Covendis and I know you will too."

- Barbee Taylor, Regional Director